Beam Me Up, Scotty
Beam Me Up, Scotty


Janeway does Tips

Anonymous asked: "Imagine one of Jim and Spock's kids walking to one of Spock's classes, opening the door, climbing up onto the lecture podium and putting his hands up. Spock picks him up and continues his lecture without missing a beat"


all the students go ‘awwwwwwwwwwh’ and spock silences them all with a glare

Anonymous asked: "Imagine one of Spock's students being totally terrified of him. But she has to go review an assignment so she's waiting outside his office and she notices this little Vulcan kid building something with legos (which stood the test of time). so she plops herself down right next to the kid and shows him how his design is good, but it could be more structurally sound. She and the kid have replicated about a quarter of the fleet by the time that Spock steps out of his office (cont)"


((cont from next message)) Spock takes one look at his child playing with his student (who he actually holds in very high regard) and smiles very slightly. the cadet looks up to see her professor gazing fondly at her and the kid (who she realizes must be one of the fabled s’chn tgai kirk kids) and walks out of the room with an A on her paper and a babysitting job

sometimes professor spock will show her a picture of a lego building his child ‘made for her’ 

and she gets to see one his rare smiles and it just lights up her life


ye no im not going to ruin ur posts im putting this up seperately

kitkat549 asked: "What if, one day, Spock and Jim were in the arboretum with their vulcan kid and she's like discovering all the plants, but she stings herself and Jim insists on taking her to sick bay but Spock refuses."


imagine jim calling bones anyway cause hes taking NO CHANCES WITH HIS BABY


yea but what if spock said “hot damn” instead of “fascinating”


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